Christmas in July

Christmas in July, what a fun idea. To recreate some of the activities and meals that we enjoy in the midst of winter right in the middle of summer. Seems like such an outrageous thing, to celebrate Christmas in the middle of the heat of summer. But is it? Is it really that crazy to think about the birth of Jesus in July, or shall we remain confined to thinking about this even during an arbitrary date sometime in December that we can’t even really agree on? There are those who say that he really was born in Spring. And does it matter? Does it matter when He was born? Does it matter that he wasn’t born in July?
Christmas in July! A time to think about the greatest gift that God could ever give us. To come and dwell among us, so say the Christmas songs. To walk along side, to breathe our air, to taste our food, to hear our songs. To feel our fear. To feel our pain. To experience loneliness and sorrow. To be betrayed. To be misunderstood. To choose to love us still. After all that, to choose to live for us. To still choose to die for us. After all that.
And so, as He chose to live among us and love us. As He chose to give his life for us, I choose today to live in His grace and celebrate Christmas in July!


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